Saturday, January 24, 2009

Run Downtown. PR?

So the 32nd Greenville News Run Downtown was this morning. Overcast, looked like it was going to rain - but never did. Temp around 50 was quite nice - had to be the warmest race in years. I did not see any issues with the race at all. With ~2200 entrants, that is not bad! Good volunteers, post-race food was good. Nice separation between runners and walkers. Saw many of the same crowd at the starting line...found my "rabbit" for this race. I was Not expecting to PR. Had a little calf issue this week...only ran on Wednesday (walked one day with my wife/daughter, yoga one day) - thought I could use the extra time off as I had a race today. So -
He took me out way too fast. Mile 1 in 6:34. Not as much jostling this year...crowded the first 1/4 mile, but very manageable. 2nd mile had quite a few uphill sections, and I slowed some on the few downhills. 2 miles in 14:00, which is my fastest time for 2 miles in any event and ahead of my last 5k (& PR) by 20 seconds! 3rd mile starts off with a big uphill, then a lengthy downhill finish down Main Street. Had thoughts of breaking 22 with my rabbit staying about 30 yards ahead the whole way, but ended up finishing in 22:05! (My watch time, mat to mat) So another PR by 22 seconds. Go figure!
This could tell you (and me) many things about my running. I've trained well/hard this last year and a half, I've stayed uninjured, I'm following a plan. Also - it can speak to how I started running and how I went thru the first 6 years. Injuries, inconsistency, no real plan, just running to run. I had many of my PR's from my first year running - before I knew better, before my body got in the way. I let things get in the way and was not "into" running in some ways. Now - it is a part of my life, I get cranky when I don't run, I make room for it and it's been working for me.
This was my daughter's 1st venture to downtown Greenville, and her time seeing me race. Granted - she was in a wrap being carried by my wife - and she slept, so she didn't really see anything, but it was a successful outing on that front too!
Next race: Green Valley 10 miler. As I've only doen 2 - both ~2 yrs ago - it should be good. Hopefully - my calf will cooperate. May go back to running the hilly course at work /ICAR 2 days a week instead of 3. May run 7 tomorrow - we'll see how I feel!

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