Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day galore!

So I decided to write again - twice in two days! I got up and ran this morning, just an easy 7 miler at my usual spot. Was colder than I thought, but the 2nd l/s shirt was enough. I was definitely going to take it easy after my race yesterday. No real issues today thankfully. Did not push hard, even on the last lap - so I have that feel like I accomplished something other than 7 miles. I did buy some more shoes Friday at Fleet Feet - my shop of choice. Their 10 year b-day sale was going on and I got another pair of Asics 2130's. My 3rd pair (1st was for training for NYC), 2nd was for the marathon and I continue to run in them as they only have 250 or so miles on them. I would have liked to get another pair or two - but I think that was their last pair (took one right off the display stand). I am Bad about keeping shoes...have another pair of old Landreths (2 pair) and Nimbus that didn't work out for me and have little mileage on them. I need to find a good place to donate them...My everyday out and about shoes are another pair of old comfortable Landreths. Then I have my old 2120's. And my old 2130's. Then there are my 2 pair of trail running shoes. And my Asics Trainers that I race my 5k's in. How many is that? I guess about 6 pair too many!! But until my wife really says something - it'll just go on until I get more tired of looking at all the shoes I don't wear!
As far as my calf goes - I think I will only run the ICAR campus hills once or twice a week at most. I'll have to go back over to Oak Grove as I start up my marathon training after next week, easier to do speed work, etc.


Run Mommy said...

Love the Asics - my new favourites!

Dan said...

If you like the 2130s, you will love the new version - the 2140s! More Gel cushion in the heel and a little more flex and a slightly better fit. Fleet Feet in Greenville have them in.