Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My 10 miler history and Mexico

So Sunday I went out around 9:30am. It's pretty good to get out for a long run a little late sometimes! I had been so used to getting up and starting by 6:30am all summer and into the fall, but now I look forward to sleeping in. So the 10 miles went well. I ran comfortably, but ended up finishing the 9.9 miles at about an 8:00/mi pace. Looks good for my 1:20 goal for the Green Valley 10 miler this coming Saturday. I really enjoyed my other two 10 mile races. My 1st was Oct 2006 at the US Army ten-miler. My HS friend was running it with a group of co-workers, and I was slooowly building up to that distance. I think that was my farthest run since Sept 2001 (Labor Day at the inaugural Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Va. Beach). So I ended up running the whole ting with one of his co-workers running her 1st 10 miler (and farthest ever). We had a good time and were trying for 10 minute miles. I particularly struggled the last 1.5 miles, but she pulled me along and I finished in 1:36:15. Didn't train too much after that run, but ran the 2007 Green Valley race in Feb 2007. Went out very conservatively as I heard this had a few hills (DC was relatively flat) and was thru 5 miles in 48:35. Felt great as the race went on, had No trouble with the hills, got faster (last 3 miles were each under 9:00 including a last mile in 8:05). 2nd 5 miles in under 45 minutes: total time: 1:33:24. My goal is to break 1:20 this weekend, and maybe take another 3 minutes off in my April 25th 10 miler.
Ah yes - travel..I am going to Juarez, Mexico Sunday night for work. Was originally returning the following Friday afternoon, but it's been extended to the following Thursday. Other than the obvious missing my new daughter and wife, I will have to find a good place to do a 14 mile training run while I'm there. The only El Paso running club I've been able to find is Run El Paso. Website is Not that good (no contact list!), but they do seem to promote (not sure if they put on) Many events. We shall see. I will at least have a laptp - so I can blog from the border! (Due to security, have you heard of all the random drug killings in Juarez? we are now stayin gin El Paso and crossing the border every day). Adios for now!

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