Sunday, February 22, 2009

still sick...

Last week was Not good for running. Tried to do 6 on Tuesday - ran 3.5 and gave up. Head hurting, nagging cough, nose that won't stop. Thought I'd rest on Wed, fly Thursday so I could run a little on Friday. Didn't happen. The first flight was painful - in my head/ear until the pressure adjusted. Running didn't happen Saturday either. Doing a little better now (Sunday), but decided I would play in the Alumni soccer game next Friday and thought I had better 1. kick a soccer ball before then and 2. meet the guys on my team. I figure I'll get some running in today at soccer practice. I expect next week will suffer too. Does not bode well for the Marathon I was hoping for in May, but that's ok. I may just find a good Half Marathon and see about PR-ing.
Some good Corporate Shield races this year - especially the new GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail 5k. May have to see about adding a few in my schedule.

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