Sunday, February 15, 2009

Other Sports

So I grew up playing other sports. Baseball thru 6th grade - then I moved to Germany where they don't play baseball. What do they play? Soccer (futbol) of course! Played a couple of years in youth leagues, school, pickup games with the Germans. Loved it. Watched practically Every game of the 1986 World Cup (thanks to Germany's 3 tv stations, our single AFN tv station didn't show anything but the finals). Anyway, I also played Tennis, whoch has nothing to do with anything. Even with all the soccer I played, I Hated running outside the game. When we did laps after practice, I was always dead last. Didn't like it. Couldn't do it. Moved and there was no more soccer. Played football for 1 season (they recruited me to kick because they couldn't even kick an extra point in losing 7-6 in the playoffs). A month after the season, I moved again and played another 2 yrs of HS soccer. Still didn't care for running, although during games, I guess I did fine. Fast forward 11 years to the year 2000 when I start running for fun (well - at least to keep myself sane). For many years (and still today) - I love running and need it. 2 of those years were interrupted by my "other" sports. Played softball for quite a few years, but 2 of those seasons hurt. Late 2002: dislocated and broke a toe that kept me from running well for a while. Had my slowest 5k ever during that recovery 2 months later. Turned around and 2 more months later - hurt my hamstring during a softball practice. Only had one race the next 8 months and I was quite miserable (and had an even slower 5k 1 yr after the last slow one). Needless to say - I gave up on softball. Haven't played much of any other sport (hiking doesn't count) where I could damage myself. So this week, I see my HS soccer alumni group is planning a game vs the current HS team. I haven't played since a 6-a-side league back in 1992 (so some current players could conceivable not have even been born yet!). I'd love to play, but I do Not want to get hurt. I tossed my cleats right after I broke my toe. I think I do have my shin guards from HS. The game is Feb 27 and I have no other plans that night. Stay tuned!

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