Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hotel treadmill. Music

So - being 2 time zones away means I wake up even earlier, which is fine for getting in my workout before work. Getting home from work at 7pm makes an evening workout near impossible. So yesterday morning was a 6am 4 mile treadmill run. They had these nice little screens to watch tv - but there was only one channel and it had horrible reception - so much for technology. Glad I had my ipod. I do need to update my playlist - it has been the same for many months now. I have been using it on practically every run lately. Think it may have something to do with the colder weather....not really sure.
Oh - tried emailing the runelpaso website for advice - email would not go thru. Still not sure what my plan is for my long run...this should be easier. I'll do a little more searching on mapmyrun I think. The El Paso marathon is coming up in 3 weeks, but the course is very road heavy. I may try and run the middle 14 miles of it though - need to look a little more.

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