Sunday, February 15, 2009

I ran.

So I woke up early and decided I wanted to run, try to do 3 miles and at least hit 15 for the week. Was feeling so much better than yesterday, not even close to 100% though. Felt good after 3, so decided I'd do 8 and hit 20 for the week. I did it. Got done early (pool was Still full of kids). Of course I've spent the rest of the day on my butt resting, drinking fluids and trying to do nothing. I've accomplished that! Plans for next week are two more treadmill runs before flying home. If I can muster myself into doing some yoga in my hotel room - I'll throw that in there on an off day. If I don't feel up for my next long run - I am planning on next weekend to be 14 instead of the 6 scheduled - I may strongly consider not doing the May marathon I want to. I'm still not convinced I could get a work trip out there - things keep changing at work. I'm 13 weeks out and I've only done over 10 once (did 12.6 four weeks ago). Now that I look - at this point for NYC, I had only been doing one a month of 12-15 miles for the preceding 4 months and only slightly more weekly mileage. I guess I'm doing ok then. Oh remembered something else, but I think I'll put that in my Next post (it'll be about other sports!)

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