Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sick in El Paso. Brother update

Travel does this to me sometimes. Starts with a tickle in my throat, then stuffy nose, fever, loss of appetite, aches. That's where I am at this Saturday. All that planning/worrying about where to do my 14 miler this morning. Was also going to drive 4 1/2 hours to visit high school friends in Tucson, but sadly that isn't happening either. After skipping dinner loast night, I did go eat a big breakfast. Saw two people on the treadmills, and that made me think I could get on there sometime today/tomorrow. We'll see. (I do want to keep my weekend-running string intact, so I'm sure I can at least do a couple miles. Back up to 9 weekends in a row).
So my brother is training for the Richmond Marathon (We're supposed to run it together) in Mid November. He ran 2 marathons back in the early 90's and hasn't run in around 5 years. He's been doing stairmaster every morning, but I don't thnk he's actually run yet. He did sign up for a 10k in March (Ukrops Momument Ave), which Ifelt was appropriate. He then emailed asking if a half marathon 2 weeks later was smart. No it is not. There's no hurry to do that distance, even if the race does have a cool name (Dismal Swamp Stomp I think). Granted he was in the Army (Ranger, 82nd airborne) and ran his 2 marathons in about 3 hrs each - but still! I wouldn't be surprised if he does it anyway.

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