Saturday, February 7, 2009

Green Valley Rcae Report

Did I PR?
Green Valley 10 miler started at the Furman campus at 8:45. Sun was out, about 40 degrees at the start, not much wind - Excellent running weather! Great crowd for the 8k and 10 miler. No rabbits in this one - just me trying to hold an 8 min/mile pace. I never really know where I'm at the 1st mile, go out a bit fast for the first quarter mile, then get into a nice rhythm. 7:39 mile 1. Legs didn't feel great - just a little sluggish in the thighs that stayed there the whole race. Kept having to "will" them to keep the pace, even to keep moving (mostly later on). Was tempted to stop and walk about mile 8, but kept at it. Passed quite a few people the last 3 miles I hadn't expected to also. My pace varied quite a bit - but it is a hilly course, so I'll attribute it to that. Slowed to an 8:15 at one point, but kicked in a 7:14 the last mile to finish in 1:18:11 (or so) by my watch. I was very focused on my running the whole way - very few moments of wandering thoughts - mostly monitoring my breathing, keeping my legs moving, wondering are the people in front of me getting further away???
Will be interesting in late April at the GW Parkway race...that one is downhill. Wonder how much, if any, faster I will be.
I'm out of town for work the next 11 days or so - so maybe I'll post a bit more from my hotel room in El Paso. Have to find a 14 mile route for next weekend, either in El Paso or if I take a jaunt to Tucson to visit friends, may squeeze one in there.

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