Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 days until...(and some stats) + My Prediction.

Now there is No rain at all for Saturday. Nice! Cold isn't a problem and it's staying consistent as we get closer. Trying to properly carbo-load this week and find any last tips out on the web and my growing collection of Runner's World. Trying to, but not getting, the extra sleep I keep reading about. Get to bed early, just to be awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night by a wide-awake daughter. She is adorable though, even at that time of the morning, so what can I do?! One last 3 mile run tomorrow, then I can start packing for my race. This is the 1st marathon (this and 3 others) that I have been in my bed the night before. Also the first one that starts and ends basically in the same location (downtown Charlotte), the other 3 were point to point. This will be the 4th marathon state for me and my 12th overall race of the year (5k, 10mi x2, 10k, Marathonx2, 8k, 7k trail, the Blue Ridge Relay, a 30k, and half-marathonx2. 50th race in 4 yrs and 85th race overall. Am on my 5th pair of shoes in 2009 (three still have miles left).
I made my race prediction today: 53min for 10k, 1:53 half, 2:54 20mi and 3:56 finish.
(FYI - I beat my Windermere Prediction my 4 minutes...not expecting to this time. Did you hear there are hills on this course?!)

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