Friday, December 11, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!

Excited. Nervous. Those (hopefully) phantom aches that just appeared - how did my Right ankle get sore and Why is my left one acting up again?? Just hope I feel ok tomorrow. The 4:45am meet time to drive the 90 miles will come early.
Weather still looks good. Low of 29°, high of 46°. Temps supposed to be around 33° at the start, and 42° by noon. As long as the wind that is here today (10-15 mph) calms down as expected to the 5-10 mph, it should be great weather for running. Still slightly unsure of clothing - specifically headwear. Usually go with a hat, but could go with just the headband to keep my ears toasty. Tough call! :-)
Guess my next post will be the results...wish me luck (to finish, then to finish strong, then to break 4 hrs!). Thanks.

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