Tuesday, December 8, 2009

4 more days...

Guess my post yesterday disappeared. Pretty basic - just a weather update (it was wintry mix for Saturday, high of 39° and low of 29°). Similar forecast today for Sat: High 42°, low 29°, but showers are back. Blah - would rather have snow than cold rain. Maybe it'll start later in the day.
Did my last speedwork today - 8 quarters. Only hit my pace on the last one, but didn't try too hard initially. A brisk 36° out this morning.
Consdiering my pace for the race...keep reading bits and pieces. If I do hope for a 3:56 (9:00/pace), should shoot for 1:55 half and a 2:00 2nd half. Hmmm, I ran the first half of Windermere in 1:55. That didn't work. I am stronger this time, and there will be hills, so maybe. 3 more nights to ponder this!

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