Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back to Training!

Well, my soreness lasted until this morning, so 2+ days. Still a tender spot here and there, but I'd say I'm at 90%. Walked some Sunday, more on Monday and today spent 30 minutes on a stationary bike - tomorrow I will try to run and see how it feels. Only concern right now is what happened after Spokane (and NYC?), my left ankle/shin area. It has kind of been there for a couple of weeks, never more than an annoyance, but it is still there. I know it is an overuse injury (or could become one quick), but I'll see how 3-4 miles feels in the morning. Oh yea - back to getting up at 5am. Some parts of training are not as enjoyable as others!
I had many comments this week about why? and how? I do this running thing. Mostly of it is enjoyable, there is a sense of personal accomplishment, certainly it keeps me in shape. Hard to pinpoint. How? is easier...it just takes time and commitment! Running does Not come easy for me (nor speed), but dedicating a part of your life towards a goal and it can be accomplished.

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